Following the pandemic, I found myself wondering how I could best help with the current mental health crisis. The statistics are undeniable, people are not ok. So many are struggling and unsure how to manage this “new norm”. In conversations with organizations and individuals I have worked with, it was agreed that students are one of the groups that need immediate support. Having been involved in this space for the past 12 years, I know how difficult it is to access funding to support these “ideas”. So, I decided to reach out to organizations that have repeatedly shown a desire to be a part of supporting others. It was determined that the most effective option would be to approach universities throughout North America and offer to share my journey, at no cost to them. The goal, get in front of as many kids as possible to; share my story, the tools and resources that have allowed me to thrive, local resources and education on how to show up for ourselves and for others in crisis.

The 1st organization I reached out to wholeheartedly agreed and without agenda, took it upon themselves to make this tour possible. They have asked for nothing in return, concerned only with making it possible for me to reach those who are struggling and help them to find tomorrow.

Northbridge Financial Corporations provided a generous donation of $25K to get me going, and here we are. There was a time reaching out to universities had been met with push back and fear of allowing these conversations to take place in their buildings. This is not what I am facing today, instead being welcomed in and encouraged by schools that know their students are not ok. Northbridge has made this beginning possible, and I know in order to keep up with requests, I will be welcoming further support from organizations and individuals that want to help me on this journey.

If you would like to get me out to your school, please contact us below. Similarly, if you are able to provide sponsorship to help me get to more schools, please contact us below.

We need to show up for each other.